Flashpacken het nieuwe backpacken?

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Niet langer minimale bepakking, liften en geldzorgen.... Flashpacken is reizen met middelen! Dus Backpacken+ zeg maar. Meer stijl, comfort en vooral meer technology! Is er een nieuw ras geboren?

Flashpacker (def): Someone unusually in their mid 20s to early 30s, who travels like a backpacker but has more disposal income as well as electronics such as a camera, iPod, or laptop. Flashpackers also expect better accommodation and more amenities when they travel. They seek to explore the world but not give up many of its comforts.
Flashpacking is a new trend among “backpacking” travelers. We see more and more of them every year as we travel around the world. Flashpackers didn’t save up and live like a monk in order to travel around the world like a pauper. Flashpackers want to experience the local culture, meet the locals, stay in hostels, and give back- they just don’t see why they have to do that while wearing the same shirt everyday or cooking pasta in the hostel all the time. This section is designed to give you information on what flashpackers carry when the go abroad, how they act, and more information and facts about this new, growing tend among travelers.
Items of a Flashpackers- If you are interested in wondering what makes a flashpacker a flashpacker, you can spot the flashpacker because they usually have these accessories with them.

Mij lijkt het wel wat!!! Laptop in de tas en plannen on the go :-)



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